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Carbon Fiber Heat Lamp
 Ordinary carbon fiber heating tube
 All woven carbon fiber heating tube
 Ruby carbon fiber heating tube
 Half white carbon fiber heating tube plating
Quartz Glass Tube
 transparent quartz glass tube
Quartz Glass
 Quartz Glass Plate
 Quartz Bonder
 Quartz Disc
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Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd is developing fast and has a bright futher.We have a fighting team.All of us are scrupulous and indefatigable in the job.Our slogan is that no best,but better.
our main products are: carbon fiber far infrared heating tube,infrared heater of the lacquer that bake,halogen infrared heating tube,red quartz tube,grey quartz tube,yellow quartz tube, clear quartz plate, filter uv quartz tube, transparent quartz tube, etc.My company will adhere to the quality is credibility cognitive wholeheartedly provide you with personalized service, professional design and manufacture the products you require for you, and realize the mutual benefit business goals. Our main products include carbon fiber far infrared heating tubes, quartz glass tubes, quartz glass plates,quartz rods,quartz apparatus etc.Our characteristic product is the industrical carbon fiber quartz heating tube.This heating tube has a smaller tube inside with caron
fiber filament imported from Mitsubishi Corporation.It is widely used in drying and heating fields. 



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Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd
carbon fiber heating tube,infrared ray heating tube ,quartz plate,quartz tube,quartz rod,quartz apparatus
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