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Source:Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd Date:2019/3/23
Core tip:We got a big surprise from the customer that our carbon fiber heat tubes has been used for 3 years without any broken.

Last Month,one of our customer told us that the quality of carbon fiber heat tubes he bought from us are very very good.

How does he know?His heat lamps are fixed with clips which are stainless steel.He found that the stainless steel oxidized,

but the heat lamps are well working.

You know that it usually takes 3 year that 301 clip oxidizes.

We feel very happy because of the good quality.Our brand is Yuanxiang.

So if you really want to buy good carbon fiber heat tubes,pls do not forget to inquiry.Perhaps our price is not the cheapest,but our quality must be the best.

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