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Source:Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd Date:2019/5/24
Core tip:Carbon fiber heat lamps could be used at any place that needs heating or drying,like Car painting,High temperature disinfection,Food baking, heating and heat preservation

Most customers do not understand the using place of carbon infrared heating lmaps.

I make a list as below:

1. Car painting

2. High temperature disinfection

3. Food baking, heating and heat preservation

4. Industrial production oven

5. High temperature curing for glue and printing ink

6. PET bottle blowing, laminating

7. Paper drying

8. Wood drying and preheating before painting

9. Plastic softening and synthesis, cable production

10. Beauty apparatus,, infrared physical therapy care

11. Infrared drying for shoes making machine

12. Infrared heating lamps for wave soldering, reflow soldering equipment

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