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Source:Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd Date:2019/5/4
Core tip:We give a simple connection mould of carbon fiber heating lamps.

Today we introduce a simple connection mould of carbon fiber heating lamps.

It is series connection.

I will give an example for series connection.

2 pcs carbon fiber heating lamps,the same voltage 220V,the sampe power 500w,using series connection,

the parameter are below.

Total Voltage:220v

Voltage of each carbon lamps:110v

Total Resistance: 220*220/500+220*220/500=193.6(Ω)

Total Power:220*220/193.6=250(W)

So is it very easy?

We will introduce more connection mould about carbon infrared heating lamps later.

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