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Source:Lianyungang Wangchong Quartz Products Co.,Ltd Date:2019/5/3
Core tip:we list several questions about carbon heating lamps asked by customers oftenly.Thus customers will not confused about this infrared heating lamps.

What is industrial carbon fiber heating tubes?

They are made by two kind tubes.What we mde is different from other companies.

We call this smaller tubes core rod.Do not look down upon this smaller tube.It has a very important role.

It fixes the filament .You do not need to worry that the filament would deform.It is very widely used for vertically use.

Common questions about our industrial carbon fiber heating lamps below.

1.     Is this carbon fiber heating lamps vacuum?

Of course.The vacuum is  10^(-1) to 10^(-2)..If the outside tube is broken,pls do not use this heat lamps. So be careful when fixing it.

2.     What kind of heating mould does carbon fiber lamps have?

It is infrared heating radiant.

3.     What is your common power of carbon fiber heating lamps?

The common Voltage is 220v and 380v.The Power is 500w,1000w,1200w,1500w,2000w.

4.     What is the Max. length of your carbon fiber heating lamps?

The max. length is 3000mm.But we do not recommend our customers use this long length.It is very easily broekn during shipment and fixing.You could make 2 pcs to reach this long length.

5.     What is the differences between transparent carbon fiber heating lamps and half-white heating lamps?

Half- lamps could heat directional,but transparent cannot.

If you want to use transparent lamps and also need heat directional,

We suggest you make a reflector mask.

6.     How many seconds do your carbon fiber lamps emit heating?

Our industrial carbon heating lamps needs about 8s.


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